Using PayPal Classic with Coconut Tickets

Coconut Tickets supports both PayPal REST and PayPal Classic payment gateways.


To use PayPal Classic with Coconut Tickets you first need to get your PayPal API signature from your PayPal account. This is only available if you have a PayPal “Business” account.


Follow these steps

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the Settings icon next to “Log out.”
  3. Click Account access under “Account & Security” on the left of the page.
  4. In the “API access” section, click Update.
  5. Under “NVP/SOAP API integration,” click Manage API credentials.
    • If you have already generated an API Signature, then View API Signature appears. Click that option to view or remove your existing API Signature.
    • Note: If you are prompted to verify your PayPal account, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. Select the following option, then click Agree and Submit
    • Request API Signature – Select for API Signature authentication
  7. PayPal generates your API credentials as follows:
    • API Signature credentials include an API Username, API Password, and Signature, which does not expire. These values are hidden by default for added security. Click Show/Hide to toggle them on and off. When finished, click Done.


Those API details you have now obtained can be entered into your Coconut Tickets “business profile” in the section “how your customers pay”. To add a new payment account click on “Add payment account”, otherwise click on an existing account to edit it.


You should see an account details popup like the one below.


Enter information as follows:

  1. Set the payment method to be “PayPal Classic”
  2. Set live to “yes”
  3. Enter your PayPal API Username into the Account name field in Coconut Tickets
  4. Enter your PayPal API Password into the Secret field in Coconut Tickets
  5. Enter your PayPal Signature into the Public field in Coconut Tickets


If you are unsure of any of the fields on Coconut Tickets then click the information icon next to the field to read the purpose of the field.


When you have entered all the values, click “Save Changes” on the popup and then click “Save” on the business profile page.


With the PayPal Class API configured, you are ready to sell tickets!


Further Reading

As an alternative to PayPal Classic, for information on how to create PayPal REST API keys, please see Getting PayPal REST API keys for Coconut Tickets

More information on getting started with Coconut Tickets can be found in Getting started with Coconut Tickets

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