Update Event Venue Details

Typically the venue is created by the event wizard. However, later on you might need to make changes to only the venue details without needing all the steps in the event wizard.


To edit the venue details start by looking for your event in the event dashboard. In the dashboard grid you will see a column titled “venue”. Click on the location teardrop icon for your event to edit the venue. The screenshot below shows where to find the venue location icon for the “Apple Bobbing” event.

After clicking the icon, the venue details will be displayed. The screen shot below shows an example venue details page (the top half of the page to be exact).

Change any venue details you need to modify and then click the “save” button at the bottom of the page. The screenshot below shows the bottom of the page with the save button on the bottom right.


The updated venue details will now appear on your sales landing page to the next customer that arrives and on all future tickets issued.

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