Switching ticket sales on and off with Coconut Tickets

You can put your tickets (or vendor pitches) on sale or take them off sale manually at any time. Also, if you know in advance when you want to take these actions then you can instruct Coconut Tickets when to put the tickets on sale for you and when to take them off sale. This article describes ticket sales but the process is equally applicable to vendor pitch sales.

Only when you tickets are “on sale” will the public be able to see your landing pages and buy your tickets. If they have the URL of your landing page and they access it when your tickets are not on sale then they will simply see a message telling them that the event is not currently on sale and that they should contact the organizer for more information.

Manually putting tickets on and off sale

When you are sure that your sales landing page is displaying how you want it and that all your ticket types are displaying and correct, then you can go to the event dashboard and put your tickets on sale (it would be a good idea to preview the tickets first).

Find the event on your dashboard and look for the column titled “On Sale”. For this event, select the sales status you require (e.g. “on”). Then you need to click “Save” at the bottom of the dashboard for this status change to take affect. This same method can be used to put tickets on or off sale.

The screenshot below shows one event sale with status “on sale” and the other with status “off sale”.


Automatically putting tickets on and off sale

From the dashboard find the event and click on the ticket or pitch you wish to setup an automated schedule for. Clicking on the link will launch the ticket or pitch wizard. Click “next” on the wizard until you reach the last page, on this page will be the title “Optional Schedule Automation”. To add an automated switch on or off of sales for that event click on the “Add Sales Schedule” button and fill out the popup form for the type of automation you require.

The screenshot below shows the popup filled out for a vendor pitch to be put on sale at the date and time shown.

Click “save changes” on the popup and the main page will then update and display the schedule that has now been defined. The screenshot below continues the same example.

This event will now be put on sale automatically. It can then be taken off of sale manually or with a corresponding “take off sale” schedule.

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