Selling tickets for repeating short time slots

An event such as an ice-rink or yoga sessions has a restriction on the number of people that can participate at any one time. Therefore to give the best customer experience tickets are sold for specific time periods; e.g. 13:00 to 14:00, then 15:00 to 16:00. Coconut Tickets supports this model of event with a “time slot” ticket.

This article explains how to configure an event in Coconut Tickets that will sell time slot tickets.

First of all the time slots need to be defined as part of the event.

  1. From the dashboard click on the link which is the name of the event, this will launch the event wizard.
  2. Click “next” to advance to the “time slots and exceptions” page of the event wizard
  3. Under the date exclusion section you will see an area for defining time slots
  4. Click on the section for “regular time slots” and it will unfold
  5. Then click the “add time slot” button and fill in the popup form to define each time slot
  6. When you have your regular time slots defined then click “next”
  7. Advance to the end of the wizard and click “save” to submit all the changes

The screenshot below shows an example of regular time slots having been defined for 1 pm and 2 pm. Unless there are time slot exceptions created then Coconut Tickets will assume that these same time slots exist every day for the length of the event.

With the event now aware of the time slots that are going to be used, the public time slot tickets can be created.

  1. On the event dashboard find the tickets link for the event you have setup and click it, this will launch the ticket wizard
  2. Click the “Add Ticket Category” button to add each ticket type
  3. In the ticket category popup form select the ticket time period as being “time slot”
  4. To allow the ticket holder to select the time slot they wish to attend, leave the “one specific time slot” field empty
  5. Save the ticket category
  6. Add any more ticket categories that are needed
  7. Click “next” to advance through to the end of the wizard
  8. Then click “save” to submit all the ticket changes that were made

Below is an example screenshot of an ice skating event with multiple time slot tickets defined.


Below is how the adult ticket type has been setup. Notice that the “one specific time slot” field is empty so that the customer is open to choose their preferred time slot when they buy their tickets.

Next, when you preview your sales landing page you will see that the ticket buyer can choose the date and time slot he wishes to attend. The example screenshot below shows part of the sales landing page after the customer has chosen the date, time and quantity of tickets for this ice skating example.


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