How to automatically ask your vendors to pay by bank transfer

Coconut Tickets is designed to do as much as possible online and to reduce the administrative work that an organizer needs to do. However,  there are times when you might not want to take payments online and instead you prefer a direct bank transfer. This article explains how to automatically instruct your vendors to pay you by bank transfer every time you accept an application for a pitch. To make use of this facility you must make sure that when you create your vendor pitch definition that you turn off the automatic payment feature.

Before you can send these instruction you will need to add the bank transfer details to your business profile as if they were another payment type. Screenshot below of the business profile page with the payment options selected.


On the business profile page you can select “How our customers pay us” and then add a new payment type of “Bank transfer”. After that you can enter your banking details into the form as per the hints given. The information is stored encrypted and secure. The screenshot below is an example of having completed the payment account details.

When you pitch applications too approve, then on the main menu under “manage bookings” you will see sub-menus for “manage bids” and “manual acceptance”. If someone sends you a bid you will be able to see it in “manage bids” or if it was a pitch with a defined price but automatic payment was switched off then you will see it in the “manual acceptance” tool.

When using “manage bids” or the “manual acceptance” tools, you can find the pitch application you want to approve and change its status to “Qualified for bank transfer” then click “Save”.

Immediately an invoice will be generated and sent automatically by email to the vendor. Included on the invoice will be the bank details you entered in your business profile. The vendor can then make a direct payment to your account.

Once the payment has been received you can return to the “manage bids” or “manual acceptance” pages and change the status of the booking to “payment settled”.

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