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Save time with Coconut Tickets

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Targeting small to medium sized businesses

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to medium size businesses

Events you can sell online with Coconut Tickets

  • Outdoor festival tickets: fireworks, military festivals, music festivals and open air concerts
  • Indoor presentation and show tickets with strict seating limits (e.g. musical recitals and indoor concerts)
  • Outdoor show tickets: country shows and fairs with specific day tickets and multi-day tickets
  • Short repeating event tickets: ice skating or Santa with hourly time slots and strict participation limits
  • Vendor pitch tickets: concession stalls for food sales and merchandise at your events
  • Charity event tickets and fundraiser tickets
  • Single day or multi-day events that repeat every year

[ct-event-management-pricing-grid calc]

Pricing terms explanation. Pricing plans define the maximum number of ticketing events that can be on sale at any one time and the number of tickets (public tickets and vendor tickets) that can be sold. Public tickets are counted as being the sale of the right for one person to enter or participate in that event. For example, a family ticket for 4 people will be counted as 4 tickets. A complete vendor order (one pitch or slot) is counted as one vendor ticket. A ticketing event is the combination of the event and the types of tickets on sale. For example, the sale of public tickets and one type of vendor pitch has a ticketing event count of 2.