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Frequently Asked Questions

I only sell tickets for an event once per year, what will you charge me?

You pay a monthly subscription only when you have events on sale, if you only sell tickets for 3 months of the year then need only pay three monthly subscriptions.

I am an event manager, how can I design a ticket sales page?

Anyone can design their ticket sales page with Coconut Tickets. You can accept the design we automatically create for you, or you can drag/drop click until you get the design you want.

How will my customers know the tickets are from me?

You can include your branding, your business name and your logo on the ticket sales page.

Do I need a website to sell my tickets?

You can choose, this is a marketing decision you will need to make. You can place your link to your Coconut Tickets sales page in your website, in an email or any social media tool you are using. When the customer clicks then Coconut Tickets takes control of the sales process for you.

When do you send me the ticket revenues?

Customers make their payments directly into your PayPal or Stripe account. Coconut Tickets never receives the ticket payment money.

Are there any hidden fees?

To use Coconut Tickets services you need only pay the monthly subscription. However, your payment services provider is likely to charge you a fee for your use of their services (e.g. PayPal 2.9% fee for withdrawals).

Are there real people that I can talk to?

Yes of course. Send us a contact request with your details and we will happily speak to you.